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Predire Testcenter

Predire is a testing lab and conducts tests within eg.

- Analysis testing & metallurgical testing
- Material testing &- thermal testing
- Merchanical testing

- Emission testing
- vibration test & corrosion test 

If products are exposed to various challenges such as varying climates, temperature conditions, solar radiation or vigorous vibrations, then Predire helps to solve these problems to the companies. It is an independent, accredited thesis center with a broad customer base in quality assurance, testing, analyzes and simulations and they are driven by having to feel safe for the future.

Some facts about Predire Test Center:
It is an independent testing institute that targets business segments such as vehicles, aviation, energy, electronics and medical industry. The test center was founded in 1995 and 2002, Predire opened its first internationally based laboratory in Germany. Three years later, they moved the Swedish operations from Svängsta to Sölvesborg where they still have their headquarters and test centers today. Over the years, they have also opened new test centers in Chinese Shanghai and Swedish Gothenburg and Olofström. Today, Predire is an accredited testing center in both Sölvesborg and Germany.